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haworth 1
haworth 1 by Tim Caynes

what day is it today? saturday. what are we doing today? we’re going for the rest of that walk we did the other day. what walk? the one we didn’t finish because it started to rain and you were banging on about some stuffed chicken in that shop up the hill for one pound fifty so we had to go up there in just as everything was closing and bother that woman again and pull everything off the shelves and pushing them back on again in a space about 10 feet square with 6 of us in it when she really just wanted to go home and show her mates the one that goes boing when you slap it on the counter and you really wanted another one of those stuffed things but you’ve got a hundred already but we said we would go back if you were still interested which obviously you were because you moaned for about 2 hours and growled at everyone so that’s it. oh.

just as the sun arcs over the moors and the mist is still cloaked on the tracks we scuttle down to the start of part two, just crossing over to brow hill as the 9:15 blows through and we’re lucky enough to be crossing the bridge as it goes underneath which is terribly exciting and so we all stick our heads over the tunnel exit and wait for it to emerge forgetting that its not an electric one or even a diesel one which would have been alright but its a chunking great steam one straining to get up the first hill and so as we all look over the edge and it passes underneath we are totally whited out in an explosion of combustion and half of us are shrieking and running around in circles of panic while the rest are just are laughing maniacally and also shrieking a bit but in a strange idiotic way that we haven’t done since we were about six years old and after a couple of seconds the steam begins to clear and we’re saying things like ‘wasn’t that exciting?’ to small children who are clinging onto our legs like petrified koalas and we watch as the thing lumbers up the hill to the next station which is probably about 30 seconds away as the whole line is only about 2 miles long or something and coicidentally that’s where we’re headed so we can get the train back, isn’t that exciting? it’s the one from the railway children, you know the one at the end where their dad who isn’t a spy arrives and we all burst into wails of tears.

what day is it today? what?

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