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eureka 1
eureka 1 by Tim Caynes

I’m thinking that we’d thought about that one but you know, I just can’t remember so we should probably think about it as open unless you find what you were looking for but wait, that’s it, it was there all the time I’m sorry it must have just slipped through the net somehow like a lot of things do. anyway its the same problem as the other problem and I do know what we’re doing about that one so if you don’t mind waiting until 2008 then I think we’ll be about ready to deploy the first phase of many phases which might not happen after the first phase becomes the last phase and we change the business model and decide we actually don’t need to build it ourselves but hmm we can’t work out who else might build it for us and look its 2007 so I think I might just slip out this door and change my job title so actually if you look closely I’m not actually remotely accountable for that anymore because now I do this instead, see? but I do understand the problem, of course I do. its just that, er, I have to go now

we’ve set the implementation date already so even if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’ll happen anyway and I know you’re all interested to know exactly how we came up with that decision but I can assure you that it was based on a very long list of important things in my head which were relevant and critical at some point and we also happen to have someone there who happens to be doing something else with a similar sounding name so we should expect to be able to leverage some of that groundwork and at least excuse ourselves in the knowledge when it comes to it we really couldn’t forsee the confusion that would have been caused by overlapping programs with the same name happening at the same time in the same place being resourced and managed by completely different business units in the same company who are actually in the office next door but I don’t talk to them because, well, I don’t really like the way they look at me.

I’ll put some kind of agenda together. and then go on holiday.


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