well, don’t look at me like that

dammit. had a repeating calendar entry that I didn’t repeat often enough and now I’m stuck here skypeing when I should be down there with the ham and cheese and guinea pig circus. its my turn as well, so I should be sat there with a cavey on my lap, cooing like a pigeon, but instead I’m getting my face gently blown by the hot air turbine that is my w2100z in my south facing room that happens to have a 28 degree early evening outside and a small generator in the corner pumping out co2 for christmas. I mean, I know I have to understand about resource bundles and locales and 2 column database queries and all that stuff, but really, I only had dave tellin me that he’s got the monkey down from aintree on the other line, so now I’m up a pony, but stuck with a PM doing a clap for the gaff. that’s not right, is it? still, when its tomorrow afternoon and I’m sticking one in the ear for demographics, then I be having a right laugh about it, cos he doesn’t really get it, and I’m giving it globalization and program boards and global simplification goals but its like “yis, but” so whatever.

so I’ve set it for the next 18 weeks and arranged for clive to drop the spanners an hour later so we can bang on about the nosh all relaxed without me sticking me hair down like a coal miner and reaching for the lynx. nice


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