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thaas loomoo 56
thaas loomoo 56 by Tim Caynes

sat in the dark at 1am with a headset on and remote from them there’s a woman up there and she’s posting notes as I’m going on mute just to clear my throat and the man on the line is keeping score of forgotten stickies that fall to the floor and as the brains are storming in the conference room someone at the back with a voice of doom says ‘we need to get across the user tasks’ and we’re just about to reach for our engraved hip flasks when down from the heavens comes a noise like thunder – the monitor explodes on the desk I’m under so I’m calling up to god to save me from this hell and he cuts off skype and powers off the dell so I’m stumbling to the bathroom and in the pale white light I see my own reflection and I look like sh, well, a bit rough. I thangyew.

onto day 3 and I’ve filled the 25 hours I have allocated to this each day until a part of me falls off and so the gap I was advised to take between the 4 hours in the afternoon and the 6 hours in the evening has now disappeared as something even more vitally important has come up so it looks like it might just be cold pasta on my head while I’m on mute and a slammed door during the roundtable. such a lightweight. I dunno.


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