when I hear the word democracy, I reach for my headphones

so I have to get back to rating. is that hot or not? is it a bit hot? is my leg moving? now that we’ve supplanted ourselves with the prosthetics and given up the healy its back to the 40 days and 40 minutes of back catalogue which god knows needs filtering through the doppler. you should have known it would happen like this really. one minute I was ripping it up on a four track fandango, after a chance meeting in the city ended up with a ride to the place we knew we would end up as soon as we stepped out of the door, the next you’d left and made that really quite rubbish effort where you were wearing that new york stylee wooly hat thinking that was the 90s beatnik look but in actual fact it was just the 90s wooly hat look and since you made it permanent I have to berate you now.

not since coventry was flattened has it been mobilized so frantically. I mean, its not like I’ve needed any excuse to sit here looking at the wall and reminiscing about long coats and spikes in my boots, but jesus, journeyman? where the hell did that come from? time to go pick a carpet and get back to earth. I think its somwhere between the orange and the fawn, but I wouldn’t want it to end up as taupe. even with flecks. that would be dreadful.


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