I’m responding, but I’m not listening

I mean, it’s pretty neat right? I mean we can do this stuff without the, you know, forgotting the this, and the that, but it’s like, well, we should I could you know like it we might wanna try it we can take it offline if we have to. and hey – thanks, right? no, I mean, this is great. no, really…

blimey. it’s not like I’m ‘aving it large ‘ere while all this is kicking off, but it’s a bit bleedin’ rich when old Bravo gets the gab on and e’s blartin’ on abaht the branches an’ the bleedin’ French, like. I CARN’T ‘EAR YER MATE! SORRY! and ‘ere I am scribing like a nutter just gettin’ this hoperations review done so I can leg it dahn the Black Horse and get a swift one in with Mad Andy and the wife, before it’s back to the gaff to see that thing on the telly with that bird out of Blue Peter getting ‘er legs slapped by some undead geezah. lahvly.

anyways, it’s off to the lockup now to sort out a little business with some old gateways I’ve got piling up round the back. thing is, right, I promised them to the world and now I’m getting a right ear bashing abaht which bits fall off when you ‘ang ’em up on yer own site. I mean, it’s not the end of the world, right? if you’ve got any problems, give us a bell an’ I’ll sort you out with some new home pages I’ve got coming in from me supplier on thursday. they’re right tasty, real quality gear. cost you, mind. I reckon a monkey, mate…


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