just put that over there

moved analytics from one account to another meaning I just reset the counters but that’s not all bad is it I mean when they’re all flatlined where’s the harm I see that urchin come up in the world got all fancy and lardy I might just take you up on that offer looks I even got the ads right so it’s about time dave wheeled out the biscuits and we had a little chat about aggregation.

it sticks in your throat though no I mean it does stick in your throat. literally. never mind the bullets and graphs its all about my retirement so lets start now with the clickstreams and targets what’s that I don’t know but you’re in marketing I was I thought it would be as simple as just giving myself access but it seems I’m rather more clueless than I thought still hey what’s a midsized trench pedant cavorting with a beany stick anyway there’s more at stake than a cold snap.


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