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its only a small matter of time before one of these becomes one of those and unless you’re up there and you’re not misrepresenting it then you’ll choose to open one over there but it’ll be something about monetizing blogwork in the philippines like what it were what you heard on the radio. that’s not to say it isn’t all worthwhile but I heard a man down the pub talking about dual income and you’d not advertise your prescriptions in the java cafe so get unto blogger and customize yourself into a corner

you have 30 minutes to decide who you are and then a year to not give it away. you won’t resist cross-marketing it though, so choose your relatives and stop watching so much television but that’s where she did it but you’ll never write a screenplay look there’s the washing up.

you might expect this kind of thing over there, but that’s why it worked in the first place you can’t be three different people and not occasionally be the same one at the same time it just depends which radio button you selected.


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