Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

that tree is big

I like that one. I shall fly over there right now. here I go. ooh, that was nice. look at these leaves. they’re all turning. I was only telling her the other day that you know, it’s november and all this is green, like we’ve lost all sense of what if means to be temperate. I think I lost her then, but don’t you think it’s a very strange thing when you can no longer tell when we should be somewhere else just by looking around? there must be thousands of us up here, just waiting for something happen, but what if it doesn’t? I mean, what if nothing changes this year and we’re still up here in january? well, I don’t know either, but it is kind of interesting to think about it, don’t you think? excuse me a second. ooh, that wasn’t pleasant. he’ll not leave it there anymore, eh? hahahaha!

you see that sign down there? what do you think? it looks a bit precarious and I saw it blowing around a bit in the wind yesterday but I think I can do 30 seconds on there. yes? ok, hang on a minute, just let that woman with the dog go past. right. the chill air races through your pathetic little body as you line up the top edge with your nose, twitching your head from side to side and throwing your feet forwards, ready to grab and scrape and flap yourself to a halt. but you mess it up and you do that embarrassing lunge as you deparately claw at the white plastic before sliding unceremoniously into the roses, and then stumble to the roadside, with that indignant, petulant look on your face, your head bobbing around like a demented newton’s cradle, and you’re so busy pretending everything’s alright really, that you don’t notice the mini cooper that’s just slighlty nearer the curb than you’re used to, but alas, it’s too late now, as the speeding nearside wheel crushes the life out of you in a giblety mess, which will get spread across the tarmac, slowly and surely, over the next few hours, by the next few wheels, on the next few honda civics and renault lagunas, as I watch from the window as I’m pretending to work after I just did that little shudder and contorted my face away from the scene as your bones cracked but now I’m more interested in the round corners problem on the microsite so I won’t remember you until I’m putting brownie gear in the car later and somebody steps on your head by accident.