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I’ve gained traction today. that doesn’t mean I’ve got an enormous steam-driven flywheel in my garden and I’m sporting a flat cap and coal dust and talking like some bloke from bolton. it means I’ve spoken to somebody in the engineering team and that we’ve agreed on something we can actually do. apparently. actually, I’ve been on the 5:1 surround sound skype phone a lot today and have apparently amassed a sizeable heritage museum with the amount of traction I’ve gained

I’ve also been driving accountability. that doesn’t mean I’ve been taking middle-aged men in bad suits around the ring road in a mondeo. it means I’ve put somebody else’s name at the top of the project plan and now its their fault if it all goes pear-shaped. even if the technology stack diagram does actually look a bit like a pear.

the trouble is, amidst all this metaphorical meandering, I completely forgot to push the envelope. which doesn’t mean I extended the boundaries of the business processes to enable a full-featured globalization capability. it means I forgot to push the envelope. into the post box. the envelope with my expense receipts in. arse.


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