what about the badgers

gressenhall 1
gressenhall 1 by Tim Caynes

on the left on the right no, in the middle look its obvious you just don’t understand that’s the way and everything’s wrong. you’re supposed to connect that to there before you do that. I’ve got Dave coming up from leyton buzzard to stick the bits in and when he sees this he’s gonna go mental, I mean, where’s yer paperwork eh? you’re supposed to have 3 of these and I’m supposed to have 1. it looks to me like we’re gonna have to start all over again, because you told me I need these parts but you’re now telling me we need those parts and well, I haven’t got those on the back of the van so I’ll have to get round to wickes and do the components all over again, right? I mean, I know it’s not your house, but that’s not my problem is it? while their off on their holidays I’m holding you personally responsible, so don’t go off and decide all this stuff without me deciding that it’s all wrong, alright? where’s the badgers gonna go, eh?

badgers? badgers? you didn’t tell me about any stinking badgers, for chrissake. right, you see that bloke out there with the berghaus on? go tell him. he’s got no idea what we’re doing here and you can see him looking around like he’s lost his stick. get him in and we’ll get this all sorted, right?


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