so that’s why its wrong

only 2 days and already that’s 3 bottles and 17 hours a day hunched over 2 screens in a small box in the east of England lurching over adobe cs and imagining that something might happen one day but actually nothing will happen it you just sit there watching people in a different timezone sign off from IM and get the SUV out of the car park and back to the ranch where there’s probably another SUV with the tail lights still warm that’s come straight from the after school clubs where everyone was playing soccer and the sun was still out and they were still sprinkling stuff like they do. I’ve just finished updating m3u files from 2001 and I guess I’ll be synchronizing everything back up but probably doing the synchronize the wrong way round like I always do so that I delete the source and then ftp an empty directory over 10 years of web detrius that is largely meaningless but satisfyingly distracting for 10 minutes when you’re looking for something to do just before you head off to the after school club in the SUV but you can’t be bothered to start another email about application testing in Norway that you should have done last week but you pretended you didn’t know where Norway was so you needed a week to look it up and, oh, that’s a funny looking country.

I should never be left on my own for extended periods of time. like it says in that song, all she wants is to be like anyone. I could never get the guitar break right in that one when I tried to do it again.


Make somebody else read this