warning 201

connect dammit. I know that that particular subsystem is unavailable right now, but I don’t know if I’ve got a 10:00 or a 15:00 or 15:45 which is 8:45 but might overlap my 17:00 which will be 9:00 which actually runs over my 18:00 which doesn’t really exist because its a placeholder I have to cover me for other one at 18:30 which is full of stuff that crawls out of my sideboard and claws at my ankles like a weekend dashboard mangle dropped by the east anglian ambulance service, so now look, they’ve got their umbrellas up and its so dark I can’t see far enough to work out whether that man is the one I used to make lego spectrums with and cycle to wroxham on saturday morning because it was there even though there was nothing there when you got there except roys of wroxham which we didn’t go in because we didn’t have bike locks because it was the 70s and of course we just used leave each others doors open and lie in the street because of course you could in those days because nobody committed any crime and everything was splendid notwithstanding 3 day weeks and stumbling around in the dark because we weren’t allowed to put any lights on because we’d run out of coal or something and look at that, a man with a hat like dad’s and there, his vauxhall astra, I thought he was supposed to be somewhere in france but no, hang on, that’s in january even though its feels like it now but actually its only autumn although I’ve put my clock back already because I always forget to do it at the time so you see, being able to look at my calendar is very important because I’d like to know which meetings I’ve got in a hours time so I can arrange to be late.

ooh, I’m in. better just keep an eye out for the FBI, just in case. I’ve seen that spooks thing on the telly, so I know what they could do if they knew I was subverting the national interest with my plans for the globalization of the unified product information architecture.


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