pump it up

evangelization. monetization. head. wall. one inch short of a broken nose, I’m peering into staroffice 7 while catherine wheels blaze in the hayloft. that’s my spanner and this is a bag of nails. I’ve told you all this before but it was in a different template and the screenshots were from 2003 and so give me 2 weeks and a rusty pair of pliers and then all my friends will be gone but we’ll have a universal quote and online pricing for dual core opterons in Uzbekisthan. hey you, you at the back, that’s really hurting my chisel, please put the nailgun down and step away from the suite before somebody gets commited.

two thirty. is that the time? I’m off to the dentist. It’s free, so I have to go and get my false head examined, even though I can get it all paid privately to get the same thing done by beautiful people, but that’s not fair, is it? the kids will have to go down the mines, that’s all there is to it. and they can fix my pallister wall while they’re at it.


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