lie down

so I had this thing right, where, like, you know, it was there but I just had to lie down cos I thought if I moved an’ that I’d be, you know, like, sort of falling? you know, internation all over, the, shop, like it was, well, I’ve still got it now but I’ll drag meself up to me desk and round it all off so that its ready for them upstairs, like what you have to, well you know, just to get you in so its like that really, innit? and then with your Panda 4×4 you can ‘ave it large and wheedle those spangles over ere after that pint of tap. christ on a bike, you’ve only gawn an done it now, anitcha? she’ll be dahn ere with her pointy sticks an stuff and I’ll be hoofing the servers until its autoblanced an’ I can get a decent cuppa tea. blimey! it aint much to ask, right?

I suppose you’re gonna be looking for a meeting about this as well. I got a list of names as long as yer arm mate, so let’s be avin’ yoooo.


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