is that an e4

quick, stick it in a jiffy bag and squeeze it in the mail server, we’ve got 17,000 ready in the U.S and we’re gonna fire it into a bucket with a small brown elephant and a couple of free t-shirts. there’s one, you see, it’s got it’s winter coat on now and it’s lobbing a sponge in the drip-tray of catastrophe, so let’s fiddle with the wireless a bit and see if we can’t procure an aztec or two to wind up the time portal

only five minutes before we fold over the edges of the world and fob off a pleb or two with withering platitudes that sound vaguely like we’re selling them a holiday in croydon. it’s not what’s there to be coveted that will keep them from sleep tonight but the lead in the one coat that’s lingering around the black hole of steve’s creation. done tomorrow. I’m already scraping off wax and eyeing up the pummice.


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