get off that computer, you’re sick

and don’t put that one on either. no monster trucks for you. today has to be boring. that’s what its about and no I can’t play chess because I have to be pretending to be busy right now until its time get down the pharmacy and anyway we don’t have chess so what do you mean. you’ll drink that. and eat that. when I’ve finished hacking off the corner of the A2 prints and slicing the templates from a dark beech echo chamber we’ll start positioning but we’ll need to get the executive approval so we’re only going to be putting pencil crosses on the light mushroom and we can’t hang the silverado because its the last one and mirrors and lighting have to bubble wrap and take it to the cargo bay because there’s no access to the car park from womenswear and we’d never manage so that’s other hour tomorrow when those use cases should be finished and I categorize our meeting timetable and cross reference aliases so we all get to go to each others parties which we can’t do next wednesday because we’re going to a party, so don’t give me that look already.


Make somebody else read this