mutley and moo under a bush

we were rubbish. I’m not sure how rubbish they were before I came along, but the three of us together were about as effective as a medieval reenactment poncing around in a mini metro with all the doors off and targets on our heads. even when we got to creep around the sand dunes and let off a few sparklers things didn’t improve and in the end I was probably dead last although I did notice mr mutley started healing people instaed of trying to just explode them and so he crept up the table like some freakish good samaritan until they both dropped off the end of the earth.

so I stayed on for another couple of hours until my head crashed onto the keyboard and I woke up with oiuytrekjhgfdmnb branded on my forehead and suddenly found myself on top of a hotel and things improved significantly for a while until she poked herself in the eye and started wailing by which time the whole house was alight and I was meandering around like a goon wondering why I was still there, like everyone else was. pathetic.


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