flickr emptiness

portal 1
portal 1 by Tim Caynes

its the old mother hubbard of this modern age and now my boneless social dog is tripping out the kitchen door and closing the door behind him. all my friends I’ve never met are getting their coats and slinking off to somewhere more interesting instead where there’s fluffy cats and african landscapes and close-ups of moist roses.

this morning I went to the flickr cupboard and the cupboard was bare, not a single post-processed gem of a disused toilet or a murder of emos gathered outside the forum or a perspective-shifted alignment of the steps up to a car park or even a car park. not since june 2005 has there not been something straining to get itself published to the sound of one hand clapping and an uncomfortable silence at the community bar. there is always a stock of recently cropped aligned layered filtered adjusted shifted merged actioned photos gathered neatly filtered by modified date in the adobe bridge folder called’ flickr’. even if there isn’t, there’s 200 subfolders of a folder called ‘sony w1’ each with 200 photos in there that are just dying to be fiddled about with in an ironic post-film post-apocalypse post-lomo post-this-letter-for-me kind of way.

but not today. I’ve posted everything. everything I haven’t posted isn’t worth posting. I haven’t taken any pictures recently that aren’t david bowie’s head on my shoulders or flowers at funerals. it’s flickr emptiness. whaaaaa.

actually, I’ve been too busy to go out and take pictures. I’ve been spending all my time blogging developing product category design frameworks and even though the sun is shining right through the office window and onto my monitor so that I can’t even read what I’m typing which explains a lot I can’t get out to make the best of it. I’ll go out tomorrow. take a picture of my feet or something. I’ll probably run out of anything to say before then at which point I’ll be completely social media bereft. mind you, there’ll alway be someone cycling past on the pavement to give me something to blart about. oi! you! get on the road! you’ve got a whole bloody cycle lane!


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