can you tell what it is yet?

I dunno, you wait all day for a D and then all of a sudden you get an E. I promised them I’d get it delivered tomorrow you see, and I was looking out for final final final. what is he playing at? I mean, if he’s up at 4am doing this stuff, then he should be delivering something, right? I can see him there with those massive cans on and he looks like he’s been treated with PowerGoo in Photoshop 3 (pre-layers, natch). I saw him in the flesh once. his eyes were in the right place then and he looked about 27. funny how designer’s faces end up looking like their designs – you know, a bit like dogs. he’s got loads of round edges now, but he just kind of fades out from the top to the bottom until you can see through him. I’m looking at him on IE and he doesn’t even fit on my screen anymore.

so I reckon I’ve got an extra hour to fly a crate to the amarrket and then I’ll get me port numbers up and stitch together a downloadable blart. nothing like a bit of raw stuff to keep the punters happy, right? I mean, it’s not as if we get paid to do this stuff, i’m just doing it as a favour for Big Dave, cos he’s got some badgers down the lockup and they’re chewing the gaff up good and proper. if I don’t get this stuff on the barrer by 5 I’ll be down a pony and Pete Doherty will be scrawling on the walls. strewth.


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