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but that’s not unexpected it’s just that I like to be able to kill stuff and this one won’t let me like it’s taken over everything and is refusing to lay down while I poke my huge stick in it’s shiny head to see what comes out except there’s nothing there at least you have to dig really deep just to get back to where you were with the old one so I guess it’s a bonus that you can now have more than one but you know we’ve been doing that for years so how come that’s quite such a feature I mean we didn’t just crawl out of a brown bucket and discover sponges did we.

I just want to add my own thank you. go on. let me. I’ll give you a sausage and an inflatable monkey if I can flip the lid and just dangle my fob in there a couple of seconds to scoop up some of that pie and see where the joins are. it won’t hurt. mmm. that’s not supposed to look like that. oh, it doesn’t. you’re alright then! but you’re still too slow. it’s like symbian or something dammit.


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