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cafe 2
cafe 2 by Tim Caynes

well I didn’t know about it either but apparently this is the top priority now so let’s just work on a level of effort and commit to getting this done before the end of the week even though I know that bit doesn’t exist but it doesn’t matter because if you can just mock it up then that means it exists so there’s no need to actually implement it and why on earth do you need 4 other people just to get that bit from here to go over there and it doesn’t matter if it’s only 2k, it’s the fact that it’s the milestone we’re driving to that matters, so just get someone from the office to turn it into spanish and then we’ll get back to the thing I just thought of that you haven’t designed yet because you haven’t read my mind for some reason.

I’m sorry, I just don’t understand that bit, because that’s not what I do, so i’ll let you tell me how long it will take but whatever you say won’t be soon enough and anyway even though I’ve just admitted I don’t know what I’m saying you still have to do it so you might as well drop everything on top of the stuff you’ve already dropped and we’ll work on plan v79 get make sure we can align all activities and synchronize our choreography around our timelines and everything will be ok as long as you can prove to me that what you’ve just done is making money because it’s got your name on it now which serves you right for being so good at something whatever it is that you do

can you meet yesterday to go over the things I haven’t told you about yet?

Make somebody else read this