I don’t care, you’ve got a week

I won’t be going out again for a while anyway so what’s to say that we can’t just have a week where you just sit in a dark room – like you do all day anyway – and work out what it is you’ve been doing for the last 5 years and then just do a presentation or something so that at least you can say you’ve thought about it really hard even though you know that it’s based on an ecommerce deliverable that doesn’t even have goalposts and a posiedon-sized mandate to deploy on the partner platform so actually, what we’re saying is that we know it’ll never happen but we’re saying it will in 2007 so that we can score at least once even though we’re ending up considering that we just do what we were doing 5 years ago anyway and just let everybody else do whatever they like, as long as we’ve collaborated on that decision and that, well, it’s their decision, not ours, even though we might actually be one and the same thing these days, and you know, I might just want to do something else.

tweak that thing you did before and we can use that anyway because it’s not really changed, right? I mean that’s still valid, right? well, if we say so, it’s valid. I’m not really sure whether that means it’s desirable, sustainable, or even implementable, but it’s certainly believable and of course, it’s got loads of pictures in so it’s also undeniable so I’d suggest we park this in the repository, put a link in the email, and then we’ll get together to work out what we’re doing next year instead before we find that we’re sucked into the black hole of interoperability or tripping over the cracked pavement of platform alignment or just getting a nasty chaff on the thigh of ARPU. either way, I’d say we call this an opportunity and just deliver a load of stuff. people like that.

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