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MySQL on

Although he refers to his ‘cage’ rather often, this vodcast/podcast from the senior engineering director for, Will Snow, is a great insight into the way MySQL is working on today, and how we’re looking at clustering and high availability enhancements with the 5.0 release. I really don’t know whether that last statement was technically correct, but that’s what Will said, so it must be true.

Will doesn’t just look after though, of course, there’s the super-popular subdomains such as, and a whole host of other Sun web sites, all hosted out of his ‘cage’ somewhere in a nuclear bunker somewhere under the sea, probably. Its obvious hearing Will speak about the set up that he knows his onions, and he also happens to be rather pleasant on the ear, in a kind of hypnotic ‘this is not the hardware you are looking for’ kind of way. I’ve known Will for as many years as I have fingers, and if there’s one thing you can be sure of, he knows how to put hardware and services together to create robust, scalable solutions. After all, there’s no better way to say how how dependable your products are than by running your own operations on them. At Sun, we run the whole company on them – and we always have.

Now for a gratuitous MySQL link

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