yes I’m at work

I know it doesn’t look like it. Your batteries haven’t recharged yet. You need to get up now. Yes you can have a shower after your breakfast. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to be doing today. I’ve got your clothes out, they’re in our bedroom. I don’t know, where are your sandals. Don’t go outside in those. Hello? Yes it’s Mr Caynes again. My exhaust still isn’t right. It’s rattling whenever we go uphill. Can you look at it this morning? What do you want? It’s downstairs in the back room. I think Grandma is taking you to Dragon Hall. No, I’m not coming. I know, but I have to work. They’ll need a drink and a biscuit. Have you got the guineas out? I don’t think it will rain. Hello, it’s Mr Caynes. I’d like to add European Breakdown Cover. Is it cheaper if I get that online? I’ve got it right in front of me. Hello? It’s Mr Caynes. I’ve got an appointment with James this morning, but I’m afraid I can’t make it. I don’t know. I’ll have to arrange it when we get back from France. You need to find some trousers. No, they’re shorts. Trousers. Well, it might rain, yes. Hello, it’s me. What was I supposed to remember to do today. Alright. Alright. Well, I’ve just got loads of other things to remember that’s all, it’s ok to forget someth… What? No, I don’t know where your tamagotchi is. It’s yours, you’re supposed to look after it. Well, if it’s in the back of the car, you’ll have to wait. have you written that letter to Peter? What do you mean it’s too hard? When I was your age… No, I can’t ‘do something’. Shut the door. She’s at work. I don’t know, about teatime I suppose. Yes, and Wednesday. Can you close the door? I don’t know, ask Grandma. Hello? Yes, you fixed it last week, but it’s still rattling. Yes? Can you do that yourself? If you need shower gel or shampoo or anything, you know where it is, right? What are the others doing? You two, don’t do that, you’ll break your wrist. No, just put the skates by the cellar door. Well, it’s nice outside, why don’t you play in the garden for a while? What do you mean, boring? Boring? When I was your age I… You three, it’s lunchtime. Yes, now. Cheese or ham? Well, that’s it, cheese or ham. No. Cheese or ham. Cheese or ham. Right. I have to back upstairs now, are you going to go out this afternoon? Ok, well, be good. Hello? Yes, it’s Tim Caynes. Yes, I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to get an intern into the building but the processes I have to go through are about as obvious to me as pan’s labyrinth so I’m just looking for some direction please. No I haven’t updated the playbook yet. What designs? I didn’t think we were doing that this release. Hello! did you have a nice time? No, your batteries still aren’t charge d up. Yes, they take a long time. No, nobody called. She’ll be back about teatime. Have you had a drink? Oh, hi. No, I’ve been working. About two hours. What present? I didn’t know anything about getting a present. Well, no, I haven’t. I’ve been at work. I know it’s tomorrow. Hang on. Go and ask Grandma. Well, find it yourself then. Hang on. I’ll have to go out and get it tomorrow. IT’LL HAVE TO BE LATE THEN. When did you last have it? Well, I’m afraid I really don’t know then. Have another look. Come on, it doesn’t matter, it’ll turn up. How about if I come down for a while and we do something. There, that’s great! Right, I have to go upstairs again now. Well, I did say. I have to go on a call now, so I’ll be back in about an hour. Could you get the dinner started. I’m not sure. There’s fish in the fridge, so I guess, yes, use those potatoes. Mash. The dishes are in there. That cupboard. Sorry, I have to go. No, that cupboard. What? What’s happened to your knee? Show me. I’m sure he didn’t mean to knock you over. Look, take this tea towel and hold it there until it stops. I’ve got to go. Tell Grandma where the first aid is. Right, I’ve got to go. Hello? It’s Tim. Sorry I’m a bit late, I was, um, on another call. Yeah, I’ve been looking at that all day, but I haven’t really managed to work it out. What do you think? Yeah, I know. Ha ha. You know what it’s like working from home. Sometimes you just work too hard, right? I should take more breaks.


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