yeah so rubbish whatever

look at that. blimey. you don’t expect me to really remember because its too late now and you would be lucky anyway. I just about pulled my finger from the wall socket when the birds started wailing at the window and I had to sweep them off with a broom. it was still dark but then it is now all the time and just look at that its a good job I’m not recycling. today everything is labelled happy twee and so I’m waking up slowly thankyou I probably shouldn’t have looked at that but as its at the end of list its sticking out like some broken appendage and I’m expecting some uncomfortable treatment because I did it before and they do it all the time so why couldn’t I etc. but you see its more complicated I know you do it all night but where is everybody else in the house? you see here we’re still extracting trumpets from wall cavities and posting factors on the wall of doubt until the whole thing collapses under its own weight and we prostrate ourselves at the altar of Trevor Eve.

WHEN: too late.


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