that one instead

door 7
door 7 by Tim Caynes

significant areas to cover. should you have references to the amalgam of maps that determine your focus then we can use those to render the brickwork of your future and there’ll be time at the end to squeeze a lemon. its always feeling like there’s an assumption that you’ll be chartering the biplane of self-help and you’ll find that this time its particular to late entries. I was wondering if because I’d already like paid for it myself it would be nice if it was possible that I would mute myself and get under the wire fence.

you do this every week. you’re not listening are you. its not enough that you have to print it out at the end of the day but this time it’ll all have to fit on one page with a picture of a moose on it. while you’re philandering around on your social network I’m quietly sacking you via text message. if we all think hard enough we might just be able to contradict ourselves before we know what to say and by the time the ready meal is ready we’ll have poked our fingers into the pie of marketing and pulled out a plum. I’ll rearrange for next wednesday. can you make it?

there’s nothing inconsistent about it. its supposed to be like that. I’ll have to go over the whole thing in a minute but if you’re reading this now you already know that so join me on facebook and I’ll poke your eye out but that’s alright you can throw some cheese at me.


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