lighter but stronger

tattoo 1
tattoo 1 by Tim Caynes

through the smoke of distributed publishing frameworks emerges an inline style. it wasn’t me guv. honest. well, ok, it was. you try sticking it in an edm and see how it flies. don’t get me started on portals. there’s one sheet. it’s over there. if you just made a copy of it and put it over there, then, well, I can’t help you, and by the way, I did mention this is an edm, so even if you put it over there is matters not a weasel’s chuff. and while we’re on the subject, I know that you are intimately connected to everything and are the lord god almighty of stuff but in this case it’s mine. hands off.

in my mind I project the issues off the axis and drop them, mindbomb-like, onto spurious experiences, and I’m imagining we protract ourselves by a single abstract definition only to find that I won’t work in Germany. or in an email. so at the moment where I realise there is no Island, I’m already climbing out to the desert to seek my clone, only to find that he’s altered the background class attributes and I’m now fabulous, instead of offset by 4. which is nice. except I have to kill him, etc.

get em out by Friday. I told the board we’d be able to transport humans through this before the end of January and I’ve just updated the mockup. things to note: I changed everything. imagine that. hang on. I’ve been sympathetically and tastefully modernised. my traditional interior has been transformed into a green monkey sanctuary which is approached by a spangle {color:orange}


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