gravity hammers

dumpster 1
dumpster 1 by Tim Caynes

this is a reminder for your pm call on may 18 at 21:00 PT where you’re on the agenda to screech up on the kerb in your peugeot 406 taking out a couple of pavement cyclists and loitering in the residents spaces until the daily mirror starts curling up at the edges and every fragment of that cracked lunchbox gets sucked into the e430 whereupon all three spaces are filled and a thousand gravity hammers strike the black door into which you just eloped with your stomach and sunglasses I hope you never get your hands on the money that wouldn’t be right now. I used to have a roofbox. it was huge. but I couldn’t get into the multi-storey car park in brighton so we drove back to the garage and left it there when we sold the house no not really I can’t even remember. 3 stars.

over the road, up on the hill, facing the garden, the blanket shutters haven’t come down for a while. soon there’ll be busloads of scraming oafs over there, manging about the pub garden and licking the dirt off their fingers. oh my god. a tank top.


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