graphics hardware FAIL

fail 7900
fail 7900 by Tim Caynes

ouch. nothing but trouble overly expensive worked for a bit not worth the money xfx 7900gt is finally flashing at me as I try and shift a pixel to the left. its been underclocked for about a year and most acceleration is already turned off so when I get that speckledy vomit dotted around my flat panel which you can actually draw patterns with if you hoik a window around then I know there’s not much life left in the wafers of core memory that have been dropping stuff for months like old shopping bags coming out of bejams. mind you they’re so cheap to replace these days. what I paid 250 notes for a few years ago is now only about 50 quid and I can uberupgrade for about a tun. except I don’t have that kind of money floating around these days do I credit crunch monster munch gone for lunch mortgage payment tescos tescos gas fuel lodging water oil air paper rock scissors bp profits 34 million a day hedge fund negative equity recession confession frank spencer impression.



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