I promise I’ll do that thing I said I would do in 2004 but we decided not to because this other thing came up but now it’s suddenly really important again so we need to have it done by the end of Q1 which is already finished so just say something like ‘rolled over into Q2 because of the ecommerce thing’ and start the process whereby you tell me what we’re going to do and then I tell you what you need to do it and then we work out why I can’t do it and we decide to put a stick in the ground which actually isn’t a stick anymore in the new system, so you need to find the stick from 2004 and see if it will go into the ground of 2006 and if not we’ll just say something like ‘during 2007’ and wait until april when we’ve forgotten we said you’d do it which you won’t have but it’ll be ok, don’t worry.


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