don’t I know you?

oh, no. it’s just that for a moment I thought that you might be one of those people who used to wear overcoats in summer and loiter around a wall in town just frowning under your fringe and then spending 3 hours in the underground cafe with one cup of coffee and 15 likeminded other overcoat wearing pointy boot wearing black and white wearing teenage smoker smelling angst-ridden sticky-up-hair protecting youths just waiting for something to happen which never does in this town right so lets go to Jarrolds and sit in there for another 3 hours because you get 2 cups for the price of one there and no I’m not hot shutup anyway what’s that on your shirt that’s rubbish eyeless in gaza hahaha I’m going to Andy’s to see if I can find anything in the right place what are you doing tonight I’m up the Murderers int it.

I’d still do that if I could but I don’t have the hair anymore and anyway everyone does it now but when we did it there was only like about 5 of us and everyone knew who we were not like all these emos outside the forum etc…


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