cracked h4x0rs

2/365 by Tim Caynes

in 1984 I was asleep on the hard cold shoulder of the M25 while a man from the AA was jacking up the 2CV that had finished the ether it was running on and I never even woke up so its a good thing I wasn’t actually the driver but needless to say many things have passed in a blur since. hows things. back to normal. haha, whatever back to normal is. oh, yes, haha. nice break? JUST ASK WHAT YOU WANT TO ASK. sorry? no, I’m sorry.

sometimes little gems turn up form inside your own planet and one such did save me many hours during the last days of december but really it wasn’t very productive anyway its just that it was less productive quicker so I as able to be much more inefficient without even trying just waiting for the paid version to show up whereupon I’ll unleash my fiendish help requests upon the support forum to a deafening silence much like the one I hear right now on the other end of this phone.

if you ever get the urge to download a human league album then don’t resist I did and now my tumble dryer’s lost its grommet just as we’re all at level 5 still at least we’re all still here I forgot that its january already locked in the box like what I am. I can’t decide whether to re-invent everything. it’s tuesday tomorrow. ruby!


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