cashback on apples

only just last month I queued up for hours at the checkout, hoping to get my new apples home to see just how good they were. notwithstanding the fact that they were outstandingly overpriced and I wasn’t even sure whether I liked them, I endured various assorted hunchbacks and dribblers who had wandered in off the high street looking for ginsters, pushing past them to stake my clam to a spot in the line. when I eventually got them home, they were almost as good as I had expected – sleek and shiny, responsive to the touch, perfectly designed, and sort of crunchy. I continued to enjoy them until they ran out of juice and I had to fall back on my old GM versions.

but passing the shop again the other day, I notice that the very same apples I bought are now on sale with a whopping 1 pound off. that’s nearly 30%. apparently, so many people bought the apples that they were able to streamline their production processes and now its much easier to get them to market. but what about me? I stood in line, bought them in good faith at full price, and even rubbed them against myself a bit, but now, any old luddite can walk in and get them a whole 1 pound cheaper. what price brand loyalty, eh?

I hear today that the shop owner is going to give me a voucher for 50p and an indescribable amount of clubcard points to keep me happy, but I’m not sure. Its not really the money that bothers me. I’m just not special anymore. also, I read in a magazine that I found in a bin that they’re going to be releasing new versions of the old pears they had, which make them exactly the same as the apples, except you don’t get any pips. I don’t know. I might even go to the market instead from now on. their apples are just as good. and they last longer.


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