Where Designers Go

As Jen McGinn relates, there’s something going on at the Santa Clara campus, at least, there was, for the last couple of days. I know this, because everyone I work with has disappeared, including my management chain and at least 5 other people I was thinking about working with (well, I say working with, I mean checking their Facebook status). It was the annual Design Summit at Sun and there was a healthy focus on our online presence and a key note from Curtis. I believe there’s another summit going on somewhere, so it’s all pretty summitastic right now.

I’m not there, however, so I’ll miss out on those conversations about design tools, publishing processes, community engagement, calls-to-action, component sets (“no, we use this one, it’s a bit like your one, but it’s not the same, even if it looks like an application, which its not, its a web venue, even if it does do kind of application-like things, yes I know its a thin line”), and suchlike. I find those conversations are usually the most enlightening few hours you can have with people gathered together in a room for once a year. You might even get to see what some people look like, which is often enlightening in its own way (“your org chart picture must be really old” etc.), which, in itself, is a design consideration I agonize for hours over every morning.

I’m hoping Marilyn and Chris come back all enthused with some tangental web design direction and exciting feedback, but there’s always a danger that they’ll simply come back saying “they’re trying to do exactly what we’re trying to do” or something. Perhaps they’ll have seen this, and just decide we should all lie down in a dark room for a while.

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