Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

google web decellerator

I saved 8.4 minutes in the last couple of days with the google web accelerator. I got lots of nice hetfy underlines where I could go places for a fraction of a second less than I usually go even though I may have never been there before. I also got a rather nifty accelerator widget in my system tray which vroooms the dial all the way to the right when I loads a web page.

8.4 minutes. that’s pretty good. 8.4 minutes of my life back.

well it would be, if google dreg disseminator hadn’t then proceeded to hang my system every time I tried to reboot it in an endless cycle of ‘trying to start it so I can try and stop it’ which involves multiple head fractures against walls and a keyboard now bereft of keys since when I hoofed it against the wall in manic frustration. in the end I realized the only sensible option is to boot into safe mode and uninstall google head dismemberer which is impossible because you can’t run the installer (to uninstall) in safe mode but wait, I expect its just actually added a startup menu item oh god there it is.

so 8.4 minutes saved. 1.1 hours wasted. you owe me a keyboard.