Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

sleater-kinney presentation

thaas loomoo 162
thaas loomoo 162

I got that new template the other day which is a bit like the old template except now you can have multiple curves because that’s what’s there and insert picture from file here its some beach huts in southwold but it doesn’t matter copyright on brand I think. now I have to add another orange box which is fine but I rather liked the symmetry of those four across the middle but hey five is just as nice in fact it breaks up the three below in green marvellous (red underline?). can’t really understand why the spell checker thinks a block of text on a box only has one word though when there’s clearly seventeen. I’ll happily put an ampersand in there but spell out twelve numbers, yes, its a style I’ve been doing it for 15 years & I’m happy with it and I’m not going to change it now

only speaker notes. I’ll make the font bigger so it lasts longer. everything in hare 50 pee.

by the time its gone into the collabspace (red underline) I’ll have grown my hair back. the revised version is here if you have any questions let me know it occurs to me that in the current context the expectation is pretty low it doesn’t really matter how far we go. on the way back we talked about everything and so now it’ll end up in arial 24 but nobody will know because you stripped out the meaning which is perfect you can’t fail basis of mediocrity but look you’re still there you can hide forever if he can do it and still progress to that level there’s hope for all of us remaining just where we are I’ll do that forever there’s 2 minutes of this outro.

all that glitters ain’t gold