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photoshop and lamps

96/365 by Tim Caynes

there’s nothing really more appropriate to fill 10 minutes of your day than to lurch down to the cellar, point a desk lamp at your face as take photos of it. such a vicarious lampist thrill is surely the antidote to getting up at 5 in the morning and trudging out to the Norfolk Broads to catch the first sunrise over a wind pump as you drop your Sigma 10-20mm into the mud and watch your Manfrotto slowly sinking out of sight as a large bird picks up your Lowepro and whisks it off to Narnia. not that I’ve done that. I’m too busy mucking about with R50 bulbs and miniature skateboards to do photography all proper-like.

so to the latest arms-length clip-light lunchtime abberation in my growing collection of things you can do with an arm and a clip light and a camera, which pretty much serves as a template for how I’m doing this nonsense, both in the photo capture and the post-processing. its pretty much as I’ve described in the other low-light post-processing entries in this blog and lo, its the same wall, the same lamps, the same camera, the same time of day, the same face, the same photoshop, the same everything really. even the layers in the photoshop files look pretty much the same, except, of course, you wouldn’t know that, other than taking my word for it.

except this time. I can’t frankly be summon the will to tell you how I did it even if you were remotely interested which you’re probably not although you’re reading this so you at least were foolish enough to follow the link that says’ read about this’, so I’ve uploaded the photoshop file for you to poke around in, I’ve labelled it and everything. honestly, it was quicker to upload the file than it is to write about it. you can probably copy and paste your own head into it or something. you might like to know that its over 200mb before you think about downloading it, if you were. perhaps you just did. I tried zipping it to make it smaller, but it made it bigger.