Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

just having a quick shiraz

I mean, I thought it would likely be just me and theee flapping about nepal and the 60s but in the end it was a couple of hours surrounded by great and good and miss roberts and miss wood although I never actually broke away from my diatribe about the expidiency of home improvement and whether the front room and the back room are offset and so only one on each side is actually over the back passage because the architect thinks they’re different sizes which might explain the dogs but the walls between are not the walls within and so its still an apneoa to us. I really should have made an introduction but for the haze of marlboro lights in lieu of silk cut which means I have to hang my clothes outside that I’m supposed to be wearing tomorrow from yesterday whereas today it all up in the air because alice is booked and the city is full so I’m guessing that the afternoon will be tanking and the evening will be baking but tonight will be mardling.

tomorrow its mushroom a la crondall and so I’m keeping an open neck