Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

oh yeah, well, that. you know.

I’ve made a list. I once asked my old manager how she managed to keep on top of everything what with the supersized number of projects she had on the go and all the people in the team. she said it was a juggling act. but not the kind of juggling act where you keep five balls in the air on a sunny day on millennium plain while over-enthusiastic southern european exchange students laugh and point in their¬†dayglo rucksacks. no, its a corporate juggling act. you throw everything up in the air and mostly things come back down and you catch them, add value and throw them back in the air again. sometimes you catch them as they come down and throw them hard at the person sitting closest to you at the time and they have to pick it up off the floor and figure out why the hell you just threw it at them, ribbing their bruise. sometimes you throw them really high so they spiral into the ionosphere of the lifecycle process before crashing down through the rarefied atmosphere of significant milestones. sometimes you just kind of flick them up with your wrist because you know they’re just too heavy to launch without hurting yourself somehow. mostly they just kind of circle around in a big arc over your head and its reasonably predictable when they’ll fall out of the sky again. sometimes, when you’re not looking because you’ve spend the morning fixing you email account, three of four of them land of the floor at the same time and then you start flapping your arms around uncontrollably like a deranged seagull

but best of all, and for reasons not really clearly understood, sometimes they don’t come back down at all. they just keep on going, up into space, until they collide with a passing beagle or something and all contact is lost, despite the efforts of scientists in beards with optimistic faces. these are the things you’ve thrown really hard. you did an enormous windmill with your arm like a adrenalin-fuelled pete townsend and fired that project at a million billion miles an hour into the cloudbase. ha. someone else’s problem now, I believe.

so that’s why I’ve written a list. I’ve reached critical mass with all the things I should have already done and the email trails that I no longer understand and its time to get everything into a bag, so I can pull them out one by one, evaluate how heavy they are and initiate the launch sequences. I had a good breakfast and 17 coffees and I’m twitching like a madman, so I’m thinking at least a couple of things will be defying gravity really soon.