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LINUX Is coming

travelogue 34
travelogue 34 by Tim Caynes

I stubbed my ubuntu. how it hurts.

netbeans netbeans shared library art thou netbeans I’m creating checkpoints upon checkpoints because look out I installed glassfish and liferay and it all works and the last thing I’m about to do is let 6.1 write some files as the aDminIstrAt0r and mess it all up. pointing myself at the faqing help pages is a backwardly compatible but not currently versionable snail trail so whereupon I might want to try htemeliorating some prototyplasmatic category gubbins I’m not about to poke some students with a crystal stick and fail! their portal. should I quiver about the virtual black box and bone kick solaris I may as well get dem linux transplants and be wholly r0x0r engineer espresso cod4 tweetmeister egg man. I could config -s for breakfast once upon a time but knowledge seeps out like manky pears and I’m really only about to squish out the occasional ant -f these days.

way behind on entropy registers right now. 40 quid just to not turn up is too much for my trouser so another year as a haystack and a promise of more of everything packed up and saved until the new year.