Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

very frinteresting

as I wallow in the quagmire of superfunextramentalwall posts which are mainly videos of cats falling off bird cages but without harry hill in the background and a million invitations to install applications that tell me how many people think I’m hot when it doesn’t take much for me to know that I’m clearly not, occasionally there is something more interesting to do instead when you are supposed to be doing a presentation on data architecture (me) resolving aesthetic analysis differences from art brains and squashing them into hardbacks (neil) seemingly everything else (christophe). right now that would be the intellectual online its a knockout that is frints which as any self-respecting (contradiction) editor/subeditor will know is the sublime art of pun mashup entities as mirth hooks to articles which probably are not as exciting as the ingeniously crafted teaser would have you believe unless of course its peppered liberally with frint seasoning throughout..

many are the flavours of frints that proposally intricate their way unto the brainways of our daily lives suffice that we all know one when we see one but few few of us can write one when we need one which isn’t often if you’re preparing a design specification for a synchronized feedback system whereupon twould be rather unseemly and postly pointless but were you to be trying to make a story re: miserable pork prices seem that much more tasty then a descent into the world of wordcraft is entirely apropos such that the plight of suffolk farmers at the hands of the insatiable profits of Tesco might lead thusly: Pork Snatching. not even a very good example but that’s because I’m not very good at it but there are lots of bored editors out there who are very good at it and who happen to have all coagulated into the facebook group¬†frints. thus spake latest choice frintmongers in various categories:

Drive-in Horror: Lexus Chainsaw Massacre
Slightly Disappointing Achievements: Nobel Peas Prize
Bored Games: Shrug Ha’penny
Household Names: Forrest Wickerchair

actually that last one was mine. its all very british empirical in nature. radio 4 is clearly playing at all times.