Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

you can pick the ham out

but you’ll eat cheese, right? we’ve got pasta, ok? vegetarians in germany have pasta and cheese, I’m guessing, so if you’ll put up with that, I’ll just do the ham for the others and you can do what you like. oh, you’ll eat it anyway? right. so you’re not really a vegetarian, are you? oh, just when you want to be and you’re just trying it out. I see. right. in that case, would you like a thick and creamy toffee yogurt which is probably stuffed with pig fat and the insides of sperm whales and maybe a mini mars bar, that is more than likely made out the crunched up hooves of lame mules and armadillo guts? yes. thought so.

you see, you get these 6 year olds round for tea and they’re just so fickle. what’s wrong with coal all of a sudden? I dunno.