Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

drivel dependence

door 4
door 4 by Tim Caynes

whether its writing it or reading it there’s so much drivel about that its hard to know where to start but the thing is I rather like drivel especially well-crafted drivel with an audience of one. there’s only about 5 places on tinternet that I visit every day and at least 3 of those are drivel. but its good drivel. look, there’s a man in a red fleece talking into his mobile phone on loudspeaker and how stupid does that look when you’re just walking up earlham road trying to find a place to cross when your nose is pressed up against a sony ericsson. I occasionally have to do that myself because my n80 will sometimes refuse to allow any sound to come out of the handset which I’m sure is as a result of my phone being a computer which means I have to reboot it in order to fix the problem which is usually when I’m rebooting my other computer because coincidentally I can’t hear anything on my headset when I’m using my computer as a phone at which point I end up trying to use a real phone but I’ve forgotten how to dial real numbers with my real fingers and I can’t possibly actually use a phone unless its got some kind of attachment hanging out of it. see. drivel.

It may be appropriate to occasionally draft a block of prose which can be used to represent oneself in a suitable manner. The requirements for such an undertaking can be wide-ranging, but will, most often, be borne of a need to enlighten and inform. When there is a barrel to scrape, it is the lonely pursuit of the lofty scribe to enhance a reputation with meaningful discourse. but it’s usually drivel. it just tries a bit harder to make sense. which is what is were when it does get to go out but which is not the one while its staring blankly at toyotas surrounded by cones.

right. my nose is bleeding.