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clouds and computing

salthouse 1
salthouse 1 by Tim Caynes

don’t know if you find this but its always when I’m stupidly busy that there are decent clouds around. I mean, not those clouds which are made up of lots of blade servers and apis or a sound mass consisting of statistical clouds of microsounds and characterized first by the set of elements used in the texture, secondly density, including rhythmic and pitch density or even minor inclusions clustered within a diamond but a visible mass of condensed droplets or frozen crystals floating in the atmosphere above the surface of the earth or another planetary body, remember those? the white fluffy ones? this morning we packed 40 days and 40 nightSAH into about 2 hours and as the tide rose against the window to the cellar and drips perferated the skylight there was the distinct possibility that we would all be submerged as the drains of belezebub preceeded to spew themselves up but as soon as it came it went and now we’re left with billions of tiny white clouds the size of my hand blowing madly about the sky some you can touch and some you have to focus on infinity but its almost perfect to spend an afternoon walking around aimlessly with a dslr pointing it at the sky and tripping over emos.

so naturally that coincides with me having too much work to do so I’m not leaving the office until its done which will be friday so as a petulant virtual foot-stamp of annoyance I’m writing about it in a blog nobody will read and it won’t even make me feel better about it so there. AND there’s lots of deranged people staggering about. dammit.