Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

smiley animals

all I did was look at karl’s blog on myspace and an intensely annoying flash banner stared meiowing at me by way of reminding me if I needed reminded that in reference to a previous post I went out to that theatre royal last night and sat through a good few hours of orchestrated light poperatic feline musings wrenched from dubious catterisms as scribed throught a haze of pipe smoke by the earnest T S Jellicat. With due regard to my misgivings on the evening’s performance I can duly report that it was a triumph and when that bette davis cat sang memories in act 2 we all blubbed into our souvenir programmes even if it all got a bit close encounters at the end when she ascends to little catty heaven. hurrah!

if I need bringing back down to homo sapien earth, then it comes in the delightful form of canadian thrash electro pop perverts holy f**k at the arts centre on sunday. a second hurrah! for the all-seeing eclectic I!