Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

dead cars

I now have 2 parked on the road outside. 1 requires a cam belt so I’m pushing it into a wheelie bin and hoping they recycle it and the other, which doesn’t belong to me, was trying to get me to the office in camberley today and failed to overtake a p reg ford escort on the A11 as an orange warning light the shape of a car with an enormous spanner on it lit up which must have like a 1000 watt led behind it because at that point all the 13 year old turbo power disappeared and the man in the 325 behind me had to wait for 2 miles as me and the ford escort fronted each other out on the dual carriageway waiting for a mild downward incline to get us to 60 miles an hour so that one of us could either undertake or overtake the other one.

in the end, the ford escort won by a narrow undertake and I crawled round a roundabout outside thetford and then drove back home where I sit typing this before I pick up the phone to talk to the garage about how much its going to cost me to repair 2 cars that nobody wants.