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Social Share and Subscribe Shortcuts

I’m sure, as usual, I’m way behind the curve here, if way behind the curve is a valid expression for being slow on the uptake, but I’ve just found the useful social bookmarking widget button things at I’ve opted into our beautifully crafted Sun template on this blog (which you probably don’t see anyway, because you’re using a feed reader), and out of hacking roller templates and html, so I’ve not added them here, but I have added them here.

I had, in a previous bout of template shenanigans, tried to add all the delicious, digg, facebook, etc. links in my permalink and day entries and that worked fine, as long as nothing changed and I didn’t need to add any other web services. But, of course, I do. So when I spotted the addthis link on Martin’s blog, I figured I would get me own. I expect it’ll work perfectly for six months, like Natuba did, and then they’ll try to monetize the service and turn it into some cracked up social information troll device selling wallpapers, but, for now, it does what it does, which is takes all the hard work out of keeping track of all the bookmarking, sharing and feed/subscription services out there. Not that anyone will actually share or bookmark anything where I’ve used it, but that never stopped me spending hours on top-aligning an RSS icon for the same purpose.

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