Things what I writ

I sometimes write nonsense about things to try and sound clever

super 8

thaas that loomoo 63
thass that loomoo 63 by Tim Caynes

he’s got a good hat an its got red and grey on it split dahn the middle but standing face to face e’s got nuthin to say and the lights dahn here won’t take you away but you could be a million miles away cos over there its those 3 with the bikes and we know they don’t mean it, but, I mean, there’s no harm in just keeping it dahn is there while she’s pinging in those strings and once e’s off the lead you know it’ll be a short person that will weave through those nice little piles up to the red bricks of the deco. but left undercover, man, it’s the free spirit trainers and an undiscovered patio but rest easy guv, its only him what knows how to take it, and it ain’t draggin you down so don’t get started before you’re halfway there cos left to its own devices it’ll probably sniff arahnd the lockup and everything will be sorted innit?

left for dead in the haymarket we just piled all that crap right into the back of the mercedes and the blond one from the black horse came out with her bottles and before you can say c-class estate she’s lobbing them over the lip of charlotte church who makes you want to really try and get over it but anyway, it’s stupid in these city lights to think that without getting you back it’s all gonna be alright. if you’re leaving then thaas alright but take it with you won’t you cos if we’re taking the time to just get this place straight then you might ave to lend us a hand cos it’s not like its a four star place you’ll barely scratch by with 2 and a wet pavement in whitby. I tell you what though, this ain’t bad, you oughta try it. mind you, I can’t think of a good place to put it so I guess it’ll end up with all the rest and it’ll just be a bit random like but it don’t take much to get it sorted does it, but then you don’t want to sort it do ya?

wait up, here comes barry. oi, barry, what do you reckon?