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Design Specification Roadmap

There is always something nice about creating milestones and to-do lists in Basecamp, when you’re not quite sure what to do next with the incoming design specifications. In truth, of course, defining what I am expected to do next is a neat way of putting off what I’m supposed to do next, but at least I know in what order I’m not getting around to things.

I do find that, even though the end result can be reasonably consistent, the way I set up each project is usually markedly different. This is normally because I’m putting milestones in the order that someone else’s project plan has them laid out, and then I’m building the to-do lists to align with those milestones. In actual fact, this is probably the best way for me to work, as I am a completely hopeless project manager. I’ve done a course and everything, but I fear it’s application to the task that makes a good PM. Thankfully, I’m able to bank on the support of any number of project managers around here who are scarily efficient, so I’ve not yet dropped the ball completely.

Needless to say, as I’m writing this, I’m supposed to be checking a box marked “complete audit of user stories & user flows”, but this is multitasking. Well, its multitasking as I know it, which is doing multiple tasks, but not necessarily at the same time. Or in the correct order. Or today.

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